The 5 best hotels and resorts in Lan Ha Bay

The 5 best hotels and resorts in Lan Ha Bay
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A Lan Ha Bay trip in the weekend will be ideal for those who love nature. Here are the 5 best hotels and resorts in Lan Ha Bay.

Lan Ha Hotel

Where to stay Lan Ha Bay? Lan Ha Hotel is located on Nui Ngoc Road, Cat Ba Tourist Center. From Cat Ba Pier where the activities and the political, cultural and sporting events of Cat Hai district are held regularly. You only spend less than 3 minutes walking and relaxing in the fresh air on the beautiful Ngoc island, you will come to Lan Ha hotel. This is the Lan Ha Bay accommodation to meet the needs of tourists on the journey to discover the beauty of Cat Ba and Lan Ha.

Coming to Lan Ha hotel, you will have the best services in Cat Ba with the reasonable price. The hotel is always available to guests 24/24 with a variety of beverages such as soft drinks or wine to meet your requirements. Lan Ha hotel has a full range of yachts with different colors and designs for tourists to choose. If you go with many people, you can rent a private yacht to visit the bay. The boat is slow enough for you to see the whole beautiful scenery, the sea, the rocky mountains with all kinds of color and explore the caves here. Especially, visitors can visit the fishing village, choose for themselves fresh and very delicious seafood which is processed right on the boat to enjoy.

Lan Ha Hotel Lan Ha Hotel

Little Cat Ba

Little Cat Ba is situated at 350 Ha Sen Street, Lan Ha Bay. This hotel with good facilities, full of equipment and wifi connection here meets all the needs of tourists. In addition, this hotel in Lan Ha Bay also has many useful services such as the private beach, fishing, water sports (non-motorized) to help visitors to relax and feel comfortable during the holiday. The lowest reference price of Little Cat Ba is $ 21.65.

In addition, Lan Ha Bay is quite close to Cat Ba, so you can also search for the beautiful and cheap hotels in Cat Ba.

Little Cat Ba Little Cat Ba

Monkey Island Resort

Where to stay Lan Ha Bay? Monkey Island Resort is a luxury resort at Cat Dua 2 Beach, Cat Dua Island or Monkey Island - an island located about 2km east of Cat Ba Town. Coming to the accommodation near Lan Ha Bay, you will enjoy the fresh air of the ocean, admire the breathtaking sunrise and sunset of the sea. You can take part in the outdoor activities such as swimming, kayaking, playing soccer, volleyball or the indoor games such as table tennis, billiards, darts.

Monkey Island Resort has 29 bungalow-style rooms with the materials from nature such as wood, bamboo, etc. The rooms are fully equipped and comfortable. There are an air-conditioned and a spacious bathroom which is equipped with the hot and cold shower. In particular, all the sea-side rooms have a balcony so you can sit there to enjoy the cool breeze blowing from the sea, watch the sea waves crashing onto the white sand. The sound of the sea waves will give you a sense of relaxation and closeness to nature.

Monkey island resort Monkey island resort

Cat Ba Sunrise Resort

Located at Cat Co 3, Cat Ba, Cat Hai, Hai Phong city, Cat Ba Sunrise Resort is one of the famous Lan Ha Bay hotels and resorts with excellent service and the great view of the sea. This will be the moments of enjoyment for the best holiday of travelers with the lifestyle and modern standards of 4-star. This Lan Ha Bay resort will give visitors a unique feeling of relaxation. The resort is equipped with modern equipment with the airy space and the friendly and enthusiastic staffs. The rooms are beautifully decorated to impress visitors at first sight.

Catba Island Resort and Spa

Catba Island Resort and Spa is a 4-star international standard resort with a harmonious combination of traditional Eastern style and the modern Western style, which is a sophisticated intercourse in French architecture with Vietnam. Certainly, the resort in Cat Co 1, Cat Ba Island will give visitors unforgettable impression and memorable moments of enjoyment.

Catba Island Resort and Spa Catba Island Resort and Spa

With all 165 rooms designed primarily by wood to create elegance and warmth, Catba Island Resort and Spa promises to give visitors a great experience on every trip to visit Lan Ha Bay. Coming to one of the Lan Ha Bay luxury hotels and resorts, visitors also have the opportunity to participate in exciting entertainment such as high-quality spa relaxation services, enjoying Asian-European cuisine combined with a variety of delicate wine delicacies. Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy this exciting life here!

Staying at hotels and resorts with modern facilities will bring the relaxing moments after a long day of excursion in Lan Ha Bay. Share this article if it is useful for you. Have a nice trip!